I am in the midst of dreaming – dreaming BIG. I am giddy and while my Type A tendencies want to come out and supervise, I am ignoring them and forging ahead into limitless hopes with supporting actions shortly to come.

Now that I have given myself permission to dream, no specifics necessary at this particular juncture, I can not seem to stop and I am loving it! There is so much goodness to be shared and I know wonderful things are about to happen.

I have dreams of  a loving, safe place where like-minded, supportive, creative people can gather and connect with each other and themselves  in order to be a force of good. I.can’t.wait – it is all just around the corner, my friends! Can’t you just feel it? The love…… xoxo


This Moment…..

I thought about running through the highlights of 2011 or my hopes for 2012 but wanted to remember our New Year’s Eve celebration. My memory, at best, is normally impaired and I want to remember this moment.

Andy had played with Lights Out, normally an acoustic band, and his own band, Dead River but during a break, we sang karaoke. While the name of the song escapes me, I want to always remember the sheer joy I felt in this moment. All was right in my world. My wonderful husband by my side and our home spilling over with friends and family preparing to usher in 2012 with us. I want to remember that I was on the verge of  laughter at the ridiculous-ness of this moment and how Andy was so off-key but did not let that stop him from singing his heart out. I want to remember that he could not wear his wedding ring because his hand was still healing from the Tunes for Tots show that he orchestrated and literally played so hard, he bled.

I want to keep all this close to my heart and I am sure that if I do, all the days of 2012 will be that much better. xo