She’s not in a race to get “there.”  She desires to maximize “here.” ~Tonya Leigh

I am giving myself permission to step back from the aimless searching, overwhelm, all the self-imposed  comparisons and expectations, the lists that no longer calm, the wasting of my precious time with a busyness of nothing. I want to delve more into me and make friends with myself, fall in love with myself. I have always felt like an extrovert but secretly wonder  if that is my truth. I really don’t like labels, that is my truth. My truth is sitting quietly, thinking, reading, writing, being, hoping, loving. I feel that I have strayed from these truths. I also want to add to these truths and know I can not do that while on the current path that I travel.

This is me~letting all that go, shifting my thoughts and outlooks to finally find my truth.



“Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” ~Unknown

I have been thinking a lot…..if you know me you will not doubt this. Oft times I get overwhelmed and anxious even without knowing specifically why; the words, they do not come and I feel inarticulate and silly and vulnerable. The smallest of things can send me into a panic. I do not like feeling this way, Sam I am, I do not like it one bit. I am trying to calm my mind so I can make room for the real, the here, so it does not pass me by in a frenzied mess. One way I am doing this is through a fabulous online class hosted by Liz Lamoreux  called Create Space. I already feel calmer and more at peace than when I first started the class.

I am trying to embrace my story, lean in, live my poem and remember that I must honor where I am on my journey, let it empower me and motivate positive change that will inspire the creativity and soul-fullness that I want to carry within and share with others.

Another artist I am fortunate enough to be taking a class from in the upcoming months,  Jenni Horne, penned a lovely, heartfelt blog post and urged her readers to share more of their truth. I get so caught up in details and life and worries and shoulds and maybes but I know my truth is here. It is in the becoming. xo