Summer is fading. I can smell, see,  and feel the autumn coming in and I love it! sumMEr was full for me but I would be remiss if I did not admit that somewhere along the way it fell just a bit short of my expectations. The guest bloggers were fabulous and more than I could have ever anticipated but I don’t feel like I upheld my end ~ to myself. Once again, I let the days pass by in a blur with sumMEr just on the tip of my tongue.

Then I remember to be gentle with myself.

Many people commented that sumMEr helped them, made them more aware and I recognize it did the same for me.

I now recognize more of what I do and don’t want in my life. I recognize I want more care-free-ness, more play. I recognize that I want more writing, more yoga and more books, less stress. I recognize that I want more singing and dancing. I recognize that I want to be more comfortable in my skin, the only skin I will ever have. I recognize I want relationships that are deeper and more meaningful. I recognize that I want a simpler life. I realize I want to live ~really LIVE~ my one precious life. I recognize that it is up to me, each and every day, to take steps (as small as they may be) toward my goals, to embrace what is while making what will be. I recognize I have to actively ALLOW and keep my eyes and heart gentle, be less judgmental while finding my true, authentic self.  I recognize that I create my own reality.

I recognize this is what life is – more about the recognizing, not so much the fading.



I am in the midst of dreaming – dreaming BIG. I am giddy and while my Type A tendencies want to come out and supervise, I am ignoring them and forging ahead into limitless hopes with supporting actions shortly to come.

Now that I have given myself permission to dream, no specifics necessary at this particular juncture, I can not seem to stop and I am loving it! There is so much goodness to be shared and I know wonderful things are about to happen.

I have dreams of  a loving, safe place where like-minded, supportive, creative people can gather and connect with each other and themselves  in order to be a force of good. I.can’t.wait – it is all just around the corner, my friends! Can’t you just feel it? The love…… xoxo


I am overcome. In the best of ways.

Andy is making his dreams come true and that makes my heart sing.

I am ALLOWing and that feels wonderful and freeing.

I have so many supportive people in my life and I am leaning into all this goodness.

I want to live as authentically and in the most genuine spirit as possible and I know this is the year for grand things.

This fills my soul: “The gifting of oneself and one’s talents is a most honest way of sharing with those around us, because it forbids pretense, and demands that we give others something real, something tangibly experienced. Far too rarely do we truly enact this kind of gift-giving—this sacrifice, even—but when we do, something holy and unexpected happens.”~Kinfolk Magazine



I am sure I am like everyone else and am just trying to find my way in this craziness we call life.  As I make my way, I am opening myself  to my creative process and all that entails.  I hope to honor, empower, motivate and inspire along my way: honor my path and the paths of those that I have the pleasure of experiencing while on my journey~ empower others and help them to feel uplifted~ motivate everyone to realize their potential and the fact that we can change the world, one heart at a time ~ inspire others to live their best, most honest life.

There are no instructions and oft times I fail miserably but I continue and I think that is enough sometimes!

Erica Herbert has compiled pictures into a video that spoke to my soul. I have to let it go and open myself to all that can be. She has another project in the works all about love and what is in our hearts and I was inspired to create a bit. I love when that happens  – inspiration when I least expect it……but that is what life is about, right? Living in the moment and creating your reality. xoxo

*my fabulous earrings are from Violet of Kelly Mae Kreations

Hold Fast…….

When I have days like today I look for silver linings while holding fast to my dreams – so much so that Mr. Hughes would be proud.

One of my constant silver linings is my Mr.

On a daily basis he makes me feel loved, appreciated, talented, valued and beautiful, both inside and out.   His unwavering support and encouragement calm me, giving me strength and courage. Without a doubt, I know I am truly cherished.

I am so very proud of him. He is making his life-long dream of being a musician come true. He had his first show on Halloween weekend and it was magnificent! He has now organized an upcoming benefit concert for our local Toys for Tots and I could not be prouder. He makes my heart smile!

On the days that it feels like we have not seen each other in years, in the midst of our flurry of activities to reach our dreams, he still finds ways to lift me up and put our marriage first.  He is a dream come true  – he is my Happily Ever After. xo