Summer is fading. I can smell, see,  and feel the autumn coming in and I love it! sumMEr was full for me but I would be remiss if I did not admit that somewhere along the way it fell just a bit short of my expectations. The guest bloggers were fabulous and more than I could have ever anticipated but I don’t feel like I upheld my end ~ to myself. Once again, I let the days pass by in a blur with sumMEr just on the tip of my tongue.

Then I remember to be gentle with myself.

Many people commented that sumMEr helped them, made them more aware and I recognize it did the same for me.

I now recognize more of what I do and don’t want in my life. I recognize I want more care-free-ness, more play. I recognize that I want more writing, more yoga and more books, less stress. I recognize that I want more singing and dancing. I recognize that I want to be more comfortable in my skin, the only skin I will ever have. I recognize I want relationships that are deeper and more meaningful. I recognize that I want a simpler life. I realize I want to live ~really LIVE~ my one precious life. I recognize that it is up to me, each and every day, to take steps (as small as they may be) toward my goals, to embrace what is while making what will be. I recognize I have to actively ALLOW and keep my eyes and heart gentle, be less judgmental while finding my true, authentic self.  I recognize that I create my own reality.

I recognize this is what life is – more about the recognizing, not so much the fading.



I am always trying to better myself and find inspiration everywhere. I am normally so busy planning and over-thinking that I tend to not start or follow through or finish projects. I then get overwhelmed and self-doubt sneaks in and before I know it, I am in that vicious cycle. You know the one…..where nothing you do/say/think is good enough…..where you will never be able to get out all that is in your mind/heart or properly convey all that you know you are/can be.

Intellectually, I know I am my own worst critic and that I need to be tender with myself and nurture myself as I would a dear friend.  I have to start small….baby steps. I have to set goals and actually complete them in order to move onto the next step that will ultimately led me to that place where I long to be.

Today I will be tender with myself. I will be inspired and soak it all in. I will appreciate what and who I already have in my life and sit with that. Today I will Breathe.Believe.Begin. xoxo