I have always been creative and assumed it was a natural state for everyone. Then, as I got older and life happened all around me, I started to feel isolated. I was roaming the internet reading ::collecting::  blogs and stumbled upon Kelly Rae Roberts. She was offering her ‘Taking Flight’ e-course and I jumped at the opportunity as I was researching ‘what I wanted to be when I grow up’ and knew she had helpful information to which I had to be privy.

This led me to my Tribe – the Fly Tribe. We even have necklaces:

Fly Tribe by Renee Burke

These creative souls understood where and who I was ~ no judgment no questions~offering only love and support. We have been through a lot of life together in this last year and while I have only met two of these special angels in person it feels that we are all kindreds and should only be 20 minutes down the road from one another. These women know me better than I know myself most days. They have taught me to be gentle with myself and to trust the process. They are there to lift me up when I forget. These women give without thought of receiving. I am one of their own and they make sure I know this as I hope they know they are mine.

In honor of our first year together, we wanted to ‘give back’ and our tribe has donated eight classes for what will be the last run of Kelly Rae’s ‘Taking Flight’ e-course. She has graciously offered to match our eight donated classes with eight of her own – that means SIXTEEN possible chances to win a placement in the class that helped to connect me to my Tribe and change my world as it helped me to live a more authentic life. To enter, you just need to visit our Fly Tribe blog page and follow the instructions there. Good luck!! xo



I am joining a few friends of mine in taking part in a blog hop entitled “Love of Art”.  I wasn’t sure what I would write as, even though I love words, they oft-times elude me. I tend to read blogs that sum up my emotions but as far as writing my own, I am sometimes stumped.

This is one reason art has found its way into my heart. In a few words and some paint, a bit of paper and a button, scrap of lace or stitch, I can convey what is in my soul. I find that as I sit with a brush and ALLOW myself to just start that I amaze myself with the end result. Sometimes it is rather simple but I would like to think that life is the same and if I follow my heart that it will lead me where I need to go.

Art can take all shapes and within us stir all ranges of emotions.

Art can bind and build communities.

Art can heal our hurts and open our hearts.


join me and a few of my closest~ My Tribe ~ for their thoughts on   “Love of Art”