This Day…….

This is the day we have set aside to collectively give thanks, acknowledge even the smallest blessing in our lives. As I look around I see reminders of goodness and this gives me hope.

I have always been an ‘old soul’. Most times I yearn to lighten up but I am learning to lean in, to accept all that I am, to ALLOW. Being thankful and grateful offers a gateway to the best of both of those worlds while offering little conflict with my true ‘old soul’ nature.

Daily I try to be thankful for all the wonderful things and people that make up my life. I am thankful for a sunny- yellow VW bug that makes me smile every time I see her. I am thankful for the unending love and devotion of my one true love. I am thankful for blue hues everywhere. I am thankful for those that left their mark on my heart even though their stay was all too brief. I am thankful that I am gathering my tribe of creatives that envelope me in their support. I am thankful for good times and good friends, my family. I am thankful that I am on a journey to myself, that this very day, I am more of who I am meant to be even if I can’t always articulate what that means.   I am thankful that when words fail me,  I am but a moment away from others that are on similar paths and in their words I oft times find my voice. An on-line friend of mine, Darlene Kreutzer, has an uncanny ability to see into my very soul:

‘The words swallowed whole, gulped down in a fit of desire come out fragmented from lips that no longer understand how to speak the language of a life changing inside of her.”

I am thankful for my life, even when the words are just out of reach, leaving me with emotions just at the surface.  I am thankful that we can always re-write our stories, our happily ever afters.  xo



A year…..A lot can happen in a moment, much less an entire year. It may not seem that this much time has passed but the dates align and you have irrefutable proof.

There are time measures for most everything in our lives. Some are obvious while others might be more personal, even there, just beneath the surface, quietly understood. We have moments of reflections, get togethers; markers of both good and bad. In all this, we honor what has happened with celebration.

So much in our lives feel out of our control (and for someone just a tad preoccupied with control, that can be trying) but when we celebrate, even in moments of sadness or doubt, we take the power back and make it our own. We move forward and are better for having been there. No matter the outcome, we are here, year after year, making our place. We have to remember we are all on the same field~not knowing how this thing we call life will play out, just that we are here and must celebrate it all. xo