Can you feel it? The air is cooler and the days are shorter. It is autumn – or “fall” as us Southerns tend to call it. There is also the promise of a quiet time when things start to slow, a time where we can really burrow in and settle into ourselves. I am ready for this slowness, this knowing.

I adore autumn and wanted to carry on the sumMEr love but could not think of a catchy title. Then, a very talented, thoughtful friend of mine, Rhonda Franks of MoonSeazen Designz, suggested “fALLing in love with me”~fabulous, right? And so it begins: the journey to love me because, as the saying goes: in order to be loved you have to love yourself. For all your ‘faults’ you have even more reasons to love yourself -go ahead, try it out and see how it feels!  Happy fALL, y’all!  xoxoxo

A rambling vlog sharing fALLing: click here to watch.


6 thoughts on “fALLing……..

  1. It is so good to SEE you Renee! I love your rambling and yes, you did make several points ~ that self care is necessary, ~ that loving yourself first is the best step you can take to loving others, ~ & that imperfections are lovable part of being human. Good job and I look forward to the next vlog! Love you!

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  3. love the fALLing in love with me idea. I could use some falling in love with myself right now, As I seem to have having a “not so much in love with me” kind of day. I love the fall, too, but always see, to over commit at the start of the school year, and find myself in the midst of too many things to do (plus, having committed to a holiday fair in November, my head is spinning.) here’s to saying NO for the remainder of fall!

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