I hope you have been enjoying your sumMEr so far! I have marinated  in thoughts, books-for-fun and be-ing.

Today Kajal Dhabalia joins us with her thoughts on self-care and there are not enough words to express how strongly I feel about her post or her calling. She is gifted in so many areas and I am excited and honored to be able to get to know her. I would love for you to drop by and read what she has to say on sumMEr and let it sink in, tucking her words in your heart. I guarantee that it will light you up!


7 thoughts on “Lit………

  1. Renee, this post hit home for me as well… I too have recentely been diagonosed with hashimotos disease and it is a real game changer for sure. The statement of burning the candle at both ends… does lead to burn out much quicker.. and can truly burn out some of our organs in more ways than 1. Thankyou again for hosting such a wonderful event.

    • My Sweet, I am so honored that you are here and so happy that you are benefiting from sumMEr and all the wonderful contributors such as Kajal – her words hit home for me, as well! I am learning to listen to myself and make peace with what is while still trying to move forward into what might be! xo

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