I thought there would be more words to aptly portray this phenomenal woman/ spirit. But now, even after all this time, it is still too raw…..

We had a hard year, that 1998/99 ~we lost mawmaw, Andy’s mother and an adoption fell through. Our world turned upside down in a matter of months. We made it through but I can say, not without some heavy scars.

Today, she would have been 79 …..we lost her 14 years ago. Fourteen long, surreal years.
I have trouble with specific memories but I do remember that she made everyone feel loved and important. My grandmother was a soft place to land and a staunch supporter of all that is right and good. She felt mostly unloved for a majority of her life so she was  determined to make sure that everyone around her would only feel love and acceptance. There are no words to describe how special she always made each and every person feel. We have a running joke between the 3 grandkids. She would make sure that we all knew we were her favorite – she would tell us individually, in a conspiratorial way, but we all knew she told each of us the very same thing (though I KNOW I was her favorite~seriously!). Having had such a great force of good for most of my life, it goes without saying that my life has not been quiet right since loosing her.

She suffered many a heartache  and health issues but she did not let that stand in her way. She was deeply rooted in her faith and her family. She gave reely, out of love, truly expecting nothing in return.  She loved a good practical joke and found humor in the oddest of things.

We were always on adventures, even if it was just sorting her buttons, making a car from an old bowl lid (with green beans for the gas and tomatoes for the brake) or going 80 miles out of the way to save a penny on a canned good. If she ever encountered a snake she would not run but rather jump up and down in one spot. She scared a few away like that! She loved a yard sale and would make my mother pull into any home with clothes hanging out. Many times mama would fuss with her, sure the clothes were merely someone’s wash hanging in the summer breeze. She made every day magical. I am so thankful that I realized it then and while I am saddened that I no longer have her as a constant in my life, a day does not go by without me thinking of her and her loving support.  She left a smile and hope in my heart.

I now try to honor her with my everyday interactions – trying to leave the world in a better state than that which I found it and trying to let every single person know that they matter. I hope to honor her Legacy of Love~

You lived, you laughed, you loved.
You were strong but soft at the core.
You shared all that you had
and asked only that we try our best.
Our lives are forever changed because
you loved. you laughed. you lived.


Happy Birthday, my sweet MawMaw! xo


2 thoughts on “Legacy……

  1. This is a beautiful tribute, Renee! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You made me laugh and cry and you touched my heart. I know she’s proud of you and the way you honor her legacy.

    Much love,

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