Constance Rawlins is a fabulous artist who has a way with numbers – she has the best of both the left AND right sides of her brain! She is a loving, supportive part of  my everyday and I am excited to share her with you this sumMEr.  She is readying her first e-course and trying to remember to practice self-care. She is doing this through a fresh diet and allowing herself a fresh start when life gets in the way. THis post could not come at a more perfect time as life has set in over here in my little corner of the world and I feel I have lost steam. With Connie’s help, I realize every day I have the opportunity to start afresh.  She shares more on what this sumMEr was and is (AND, be still, my heart – there is a spreadsheet involved!!!). Click here to read more. xo



I have always been creative and assumed it was a natural state for everyone. Then, as I got older and life happened all around me, I started to feel isolated. I was roaming the internet reading ::collecting::  blogs and stumbled upon Kelly Rae Roberts. She was offering her ‘Taking Flight’ e-course and I jumped at the opportunity as I was researching ‘what I wanted to be when I grow up’ and knew she had helpful information to which I had to be privy.

This led me to my Tribe – the Fly Tribe. We even have necklaces:

Fly Tribe by Renee Burke

These creative souls understood where and who I was ~ no judgment no questions~offering only love and support. We have been through a lot of life together in this last year and while I have only met two of these special angels in person it feels that we are all kindreds and should only be 20 minutes down the road from one another. These women know me better than I know myself most days. They have taught me to be gentle with myself and to trust the process. They are there to lift me up when I forget. These women give without thought of receiving. I am one of their own and they make sure I know this as I hope they know they are mine.

In honor of our first year together, we wanted to ‘give back’ and our tribe has donated eight classes for what will be the last run of Kelly Rae’s ‘Taking Flight’ e-course. She has graciously offered to match our eight donated classes with eight of her own – that means SIXTEEN possible chances to win a placement in the class that helped to connect me to my Tribe and change my world as it helped me to live a more authentic life. To enter, you just need to visit our Fly Tribe blog page and follow the instructions there. Good luck!! xo


 Rosemary White has been following along with sumMEr from its inception and I am honored to have her as our guest blogger today. She understands the importance of self-care in a very personal way.  She shares with us some of her thoughts and helps us to remember that we need to share our stories in order to help not only ourselves but others in the process.

Renee  @  happilyeverafter by Renee Burke  who is hosting  SumMEer of Me asked if would mind sharing how much the SumMEr of Me  community postings have touched  and encouraged me this summer.
 I can say without any hesitation that part of my SELF -CARE has been to take the time to reach each one of these wonderful guest-Artist postings. Each one approaches self-care a bit different and yet the common thread is so strong throughout all of them.. TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES. Many of us  still need to truly learn to nurture ourselves without guilt of any kind.
As for being an artist~ If capturing moments in time with a camera count then I am all in~ The longing  to do more with my pictures  continues to motivate me each day.
One of the 1st things I did this summer was to make a “SumMEr of ME”  list ( with a gentle nudge from  Jamie Burch’s post: just a few of the goodies on that list.
  • Spend less time cleaning house and more time doing the things I wanta !!
  • Improve on my time management
  • Keep my promise to myself to keep up with my weekly/daily blog posts ~ as I have 2 websites and 3 different blogs ~
  • work on “The Invitation” in relation to my life
The following will no doubt be an awesome wind down from summer in the best of ways.
  •  I am so excited to do this one… I just about cried happy tears down my legs when I read about this e-course. LOL. Touch the Moon will kick off  August 27 (a few days before the Blue Moon) and go through Wednesday, October 31st (Halloween, a few days after October’s full moon).   This has to be one of the most truly creative and loving souls in this universe. I could do a whole posting  just on Her contributions to my life being ” a dream come true”  You know her as Rachél Payne of  collectingyourself .
Re-birth posting help a light bulb come one that I have and do tend to tie my self worth into what I am doing for others.
 Just love this expression “when lit from within~ you can light up the world up”      Kajal Dhabalia   did her posting  on  self-care   a fire did light within.
I too have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease this summer.  As I read her plan, I was so proud that she has already made a plan to keep it in check. In my mind I was saying those things but she has already put them on a list and actually doing them.   A lot of my summer Time has been spent waiting to get a  complete picture of what is going on with my thyroid if there are any other possible “hot/cold” spots in my body. I had made a commitment to myself that I would start a blog about this Journey not knowing exactly where it would take me.  I was so encouraged by her post  yesterday that I have asked her if I could post  a link to it on my website Finding1selfs thyroid journey.
I continue to look forward to each new post of  SumMEr of ME… When we share we just never know who or when it can make all the difference in the world.

Rosemary White


I hope you have been enjoying your sumMEr so far! I have marinated  in thoughts, books-for-fun and be-ing.

Today Kajal Dhabalia joins us with her thoughts on self-care and there are not enough words to express how strongly I feel about her post or her calling. She is gifted in so many areas and I am excited and honored to be able to get to know her. I would love for you to drop by and read what she has to say on sumMEr and let it sink in, tucking her words in your heart. I guarantee that it will light you up!


She’s not in a race to get “there.”  She desires to maximize “here.” ~Tonya Leigh

I am giving myself permission to step back from the aimless searching, overwhelm, all the self-imposed  comparisons and expectations, the lists that no longer calm, the wasting of my precious time with a busyness of nothing. I want to delve more into me and make friends with myself, fall in love with myself. I have always felt like an extrovert but secretly wonder  if that is my truth. I really don’t like labels, that is my truth. My truth is sitting quietly, thinking, reading, writing, being, hoping, loving. I feel that I have strayed from these truths. I also want to add to these truths and know I can not do that while on the current path that I travel.

This is me~letting all that go, shifting my thoughts and outlooks to finally find my truth.


I thought there would be more words to aptly portray this phenomenal woman/ spirit. But now, even after all this time, it is still too raw…..

We had a hard year, that 1998/99 ~we lost mawmaw, Andy’s mother and an adoption fell through. Our world turned upside down in a matter of months. We made it through but I can say, not without some heavy scars.

Today, she would have been 79 …..we lost her 14 years ago. Fourteen long, surreal years.
I have trouble with specific memories but I do remember that she made everyone feel loved and important. My grandmother was a soft place to land and a staunch supporter of all that is right and good. She felt mostly unloved for a majority of her life so she was  determined to make sure that everyone around her would only feel love and acceptance. There are no words to describe how special she always made each and every person feel. We have a running joke between the 3 grandkids. She would make sure that we all knew we were her favorite – she would tell us individually, in a conspiratorial way, but we all knew she told each of us the very same thing (though I KNOW I was her favorite~seriously!). Having had such a great force of good for most of my life, it goes without saying that my life has not been quiet right since loosing her.

She suffered many a heartache  and health issues but she did not let that stand in her way. She was deeply rooted in her faith and her family. She gave reely, out of love, truly expecting nothing in return.  She loved a good practical joke and found humor in the oddest of things.

We were always on adventures, even if it was just sorting her buttons, making a car from an old bowl lid (with green beans for the gas and tomatoes for the brake) or going 80 miles out of the way to save a penny on a canned good. If she ever encountered a snake she would not run but rather jump up and down in one spot. She scared a few away like that! She loved a yard sale and would make my mother pull into any home with clothes hanging out. Many times mama would fuss with her, sure the clothes were merely someone’s wash hanging in the summer breeze. She made every day magical. I am so thankful that I realized it then and while I am saddened that I no longer have her as a constant in my life, a day does not go by without me thinking of her and her loving support.  She left a smile and hope in my heart.

I now try to honor her with my everyday interactions – trying to leave the world in a better state than that which I found it and trying to let every single person know that they matter. I hope to honor her Legacy of Love~

You lived, you laughed, you loved.
You were strong but soft at the core.
You shared all that you had
and asked only that we try our best.
Our lives are forever changed because
you loved. you laughed. you lived.


Happy Birthday, my sweet MawMaw! xo