Jenn Borek is a fabulous motivator and support system. She gently helps you develop and advance your ideas to places you never thought possible. She is always in high spirits and you would never know she lives with chronic pain. She was gracious enough to take time out of her busy e-course developing schedule to share her sumMEr thoughts. (a side note: I proudly share my “Queen of Post-It Notes” title with her!)

I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to post on Renee’s sumMEr of ME. Isn’t her positivity contagious? She needs to bottle that up and dispense it… wait she’s DOING that through this sumMEr of ME campaign!

We’ve briefly shared some common issues: learning to embrace a different reality due to being betrayed by our bodies. For me, my current reality is figuring out how to cope with chronic migraines. I moved back from my favorite life adventure (living in Hong Kong) after two years because the pollution induced chronic migraines (more than 50% of the time). It was affecting every aspect of my life. My first year back in the States was stressful, but the migraines were less intense.

For some reason, they’ve ratcheted up again to nearly a chronic state. I realized I needed to put some emphasis on self-care because I did some much-needed housekeeping in June. I had finally organized my home after re-locating temporarily to Kansas for a long-term contract. I spent a day doing housekeeping and organizing. I pre-organized my cleaning day so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed and spin in circles. I included frequent breaks. Yet, the effort flattened me for an entire week. Three years of migraines had left me VERY physically unfit. Not fun. Then to add to that, because of my health, I find myself much more limited than I ever was.

The major reason I wanted to participate in your sumMEr of ME is that, as Renee highlighted in her introduction, that by taking care of me, I can be in a better position to do more for others. That’s what brings me joy and happiness and fulfillment in my life. Since I’ve been sick, my ability to give to others has been severely hampered. I have to realize that I may never get back to the level I want to, but through proper care of myself, I may be able to increase from the levels I am currently at. This is about embracing my new reality. I am still in a position to try to do something about it. But, I find I am in a cycle and habit of “being sick.” I want to see if I can break out of that pattern. So, a little bit of this is about setting expectations and working within those guidelines.

One of the first things we talked about in one of our e-course Facebook groups was eating better. I found a liver cleanse that I think will be a good starting point for helping me eat better. Then exercising – I’m going to start walking my dogs. They LOVE walks. Love them. What better way to spend time with fur-babies than giving them some exercise and burning their energy. In the meantime, it’s a soft way for me to work back into a habit of exercise. I remember starting exercise regimens in my 20’s and 30’s and I would dive in headfirst, sore muscles and everything. I loved it. When I do that now, it flattens me for a week! (I felt the effects of the aforementioned housekeeping for over a week later!) One of my dreams is to eventually work from home, part-time so I can increase my volunteer work again.

On a more positive, note, two of the reasons I went on a “cleaning and organizing” binge was to be able to keep up with two e-classes. I signed up for the other class Beth Nicholls developed with Rachael Taylor, The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design. AND! I’m excited to announce (thank you, Renee, for letting me share this on your blog), one of my first WHAT’s that I have been able to develop as a result of the Hello Soul, Hello Business class was to take my knowledge as project manager in the corporate world and transform it into a time management class for artistic community.

Because of these two classes I needed to:

  • Model my own time management system and demonstrate how I use this method in my personal life
  • Keep up with serving the class with great content, responsiveness, and personal coaching
  • Be able to take the Surface Pattern Design class while maintaining and running my own e-class

More about my e-class – I’m really excited about putting this class together! The first class will be launching at the end of August called

– a fun, beautiful, hands-on way to get stuff done for Solo Artists / Creatives / Entrepreneurs. I ran a test class to work out the kinks, the pace, the ordering of the content, and writing it to cater to the artistic community. I want to make it a wonderful experience and help artists take their natural creative energy, natural gifts at flexibility, churning out fabulous ideas, and begin to capture those ideas, make the ideas even bigger, and then start making them a reality. It’s designed as a more flexible and gentle way to manage time and produce creative ideas. It will help you mend your relationship with time and harness time in a flexible way instead of letting time terrorize you with rigid to-do lists (post-its are the cure! Seriously!). I would love to have you join the class if time management and project management is a challenge for you.

1)    I’m putting together an e-book with the minimum framework  free of charge. A gift to you.

2)    If you want to take the class, I’m offering a one-week crash course to introduce “just the facts”

3)    If you want to get into the habit of making better use of your time, developing your ideas, and receive a lot of personal attention and coaching (and brainstorming!) from me, I’m offering the one-week crash course + 9 weeks of gently realizing 1-3 of your ideas into existence.

I appreciate Renee’s generosity in including me as part of her “sumMEr of ME” program. I’m looking forward to the other contributors as they share things that might help me with my program of improving my health through better eating and exercise. I hope I might be able to help you through a system of flexibly managing your time around your life priorities…which might include more self-care!

Jennifer Borek


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