I “met” Jenna Hales through an online course I took a few months back. She gently helped me through some emotions I was going through concerning infertility and I quickly leaned into her sweet spirit. I am so excited she is part of sumMEr of ME. She is a nurturer and realizes she must nurture herself, too- just as you should!
Self care, two words that don’t seem to enter my vocabulary much these days. Like so many women I am busy being a full-time mom, working at my own business and doing all the things that need to be done to keep my happy little life afloat. Caring for everyone else just seems to come naturally but when it comes to taking care of myself I often fall short. It seems this is the case for many of us – especially women.
Recently I decided something needed to change. I was waking up every morning with a pain in my neck and it had gotten to the point where it hurt to turn my head – not good. The silly part is that it went on for weeks before I finally did something about it. If it was anyone else in my family I would have insisted they get help immediately and then proceeded to pester them until they actually did. It dawned on me that I deserved that same pestering and so I made an appointment to see my acupuncturist.
I hadn’t seen her since before my son was born (more than a year and a half ago) and going back was a huge step in taking care of myself again after a long hiatus. Just carving out that little bit of time for myself was a really big way for me to honor the fact that mommy needs care too. The visits to my acupuncturist have reminded me how important it is to take time to nurture myself in the midst of all the other very important and unrelenting to do’s on my list and in my life. Don’t get me wrong, most of those “to do’s” are things I enjoy. I love being home with my boy. I enjoy working for myself as a graphic designer and taking care of all the things that help make our family run more smoothly make me feel like I am doing something truly worthwhile. That said, I almost never – and I mean never – have a stretch of time where there isn’t something to do, someone needing me, and/or just constant noise. With a little guy who is learning to talk {so fun!} it’s a constant babblefest around here. So when I go to my appointments and am “forced” to just lay there in the quiet, darkened room for 30-45 minutes I almost don’t know what to do with myself.
It feels like an indulgence, a luxury. Some days I struggle with thoughts that pop into my head about how I don’t really need it and I’m just being selfish by taking the time away. And then I feel the bliss of being in that tiny calm oasis like a small refuge amidst my bustling life, a place where I can just be quiet and still and not attend to or clean or respond, that’s when I know I actually do need it. Sometimes self care comes easily, sometimes I have to force it into the tiny little crack of time I eek out because I know I need it. For me, no matter how it comes, it’s like a salve to my soul. Slather it on!
“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”
-Parker Palmer
What do you do to take care of yourself? I’d love to know.
Thank you to Renee Burke for hosting this wonderful sumMEr of ME. What a great way to remind us all how important it is to care for ourselves in the midst of everything else that needs attention.
Jenna Hales is a believer in magic, champion of hope and advocate for authenticity. If you’d like to connect with Jenna, you can visit her blog: sparklejenna, where she writes about her experience through infertility and adoption and her creative life as a mom.

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