Another kindred, Stacey Curry, lights up your heart. Her sweet spirit and radiant smile touch your soul. She, like so many, have realized that we have to take action this sumMEr and she shares her plan with us below.


The Summer of ME!  What a concept…definitely something that will need my attention.  Thank you Renee for the reminder, for getting me to think about what my summer of ME might look like!  So here’s the thing…so often I don’t make quality time for myself…all too often I wait for someone else to prompt me or give me permission!!!  So I end up feeling jilted and then I make it all about quantity….stealing many hours from my hubby, my kids, and myself by sitting in front of the computer or the TV or checking out.  Sometimes that is really truly what is needed but most of the time it’s just an energy sucker, a creativity killer and a bad mood maker!!!  So silly!  My One Little Word this year is Real…being real…seeing what is real…admitting truths…and the above statement is just that…admitting that I am responsible for ME.  I am the one that can make time for me, who sees my needs and my desires….I am the one who needs to set this plan in motion!

So what am I doing for ME this summer…oh I have a plan!  Yes I do!

First and foremost I am going to take care of myself.  I will feed my needs and not wait for approval or a prompt from anyone else.  I need to take care of me so I am at the top of my game and so that I can take healthy good care of my loved ones.  What will that entail…a regular practice of yoga, running, and walking…my mind is so clear during these practices…I really focus on the good and count my blessings.  It also helps me decompress and let go of so much stress.  I am able to really focus on what needs to get done and what I need to let go of.  The more regular the practice, the better I feel.

I will also be focusing on Star Hitched Wagon…this is all about ME…this is my dream…it’s time to stop holding back for fear of failure…it is time to prove to myself and the world that I can do this!  With each baby step I can feel that bravery and strength within me growing.

I have also signed up for a wonderful e-course to learn new techniques for my jewelry designs, and I will be taking another one starting in July…how great it is to learn new techniques that will strengthen an already established practice in my life.  New ways to grow without adding too many distractions.


Anything else?  Oh yes camping…those mountains, the creeks, the wildflowers, the giant trees it does something to the soul…recharges, inspires, calms.

Oh and a road trip with me at the wheel…with my sweet kiddoes to keep me company….a loose schedule…great music…new sites to be seen.  What a treat it will be.

Anything else on the agenda for my Summer of Me…why yes…yes there is…fresh fruit and veggies, grilled foods, Margaritas and microbrews.  Lots of time with family….cause they make the world go round.  And I pray there will also be a little dancing and a lot of laughing…cause life is way too short to leave out laughing and dancing!!


5 thoughts on “Real…….

  1. This is wonderful, Stacey! I love your excited energy and the way you’re taking charge. I need to do that, too! Hope you have a wonderful sumMEr!

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. Great post Stacey – I love the things you’re doing to take care of yourself – this was upbeat and really reminds me to do the things that I really enjoy – I especially love your comment about dancing and laughing!

    Thanks, Renee for this great sumMEr of ME!


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