I am excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Amelia Woodbridge, she is a Jill of all trades! She graciously offered some of her thoughts on self-care for our suMmer:

The SumMEr of ME is for Everyone

honor. empower. motivate. inspire. It’s the mantra of Renee Burke’s blog. Renee decided to create the sumMEr of ME and concentrate on ways to practice self care and she invited fellow artists and friends to join her and share the many things women do each day to honor, empower, motivate and inspire themselves.

I think any woman can relate to Renee’s desire for self care … we women often put ourselves last and let other obligations take precedence. I admit that I overlooked myself physically and emotionally for a good 10 years until my inner voice began to yell loud enough that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I’m glad I listened.

I appreciate Renee asking me to join in her journey. One of my treasured self care habits is Sunday mornings. I try to take care of any household chores and errands on Saturday so that Sunday morning is mine. Leisurely and quiet. I enjoy my time in the early morning light in my favorite chair, reading the paper, sipping hot coffee, watching CBS Sunday Morning and the Food Network. I like finding a new recipe and often use this time to collect some new things to cook during the week. I read my favorite blogs or catch up on any magazines that might have come in the mail that week. I am especially happy if I get a “creative” magazine from Stampington, or a scrapbook magazine that inspires an idea. If I do, I’ll spend time on creative practice and cut and paste into my journals.

Somewhere in between I prepare a nice breakfast for the family. Eggs. Fruit. Yogurt.

I don’t apologize for still being in my pajamas at 11 am. I love the slow welcome to the day and relish it being whatever I want it to be. I appreciate the time to feel content, comfortable, satisfied.

I’ve taken a few e-courses this past year and doing this guest post for Renee’s blog helped me realize that the e-courses and their associated Facebook groups has also been a lovely luxury. Getting to know so many strong, creative, joyful women has been amazing. Enjoying their ideas, admiring their talent, engaging in conversation, and valuing how everyone supports each other and builds connections. It’s invigorating.

So nowadays a Sunday morning rarely passes that I don’t drop in to Facebook and see what everyone is up to. I hope you’ll find your way for regular self care.

Amelia Woodbridge
Freshly Hatched Studio


5 thoughts on “Sunday…….

  1. What a great way to start the week off ~ a relaxing Sunday morning. I think I will make my way to bringing in more Sunday Self Care into my life. I enjoy a nice quite morning without the rush to do or be somewhere else. This sounds delightful!

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