Bonds are formed and lives are changed. Kindreds complete your world and I have met one such loving spirit in Jamie Burch. The more I learn about her, the more precious she becomes. Take a moment and see what she will be up to this sumMEr.

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the world around me is bursting with color. So, why do I feel so blah? It’s a beautiful, magical time of year and I’m in a funk?
Well, that has to change.
I’m finally learning. This happens to me whenever I’m not practicing self-care or my life is consumed by to-do lists. And lately I’ve been trying to balance too much. This is the time of year to be outside, care-free, and on top of the world.
Instead I feel like the world is crushing me. Yikes!
First thing I need to do is throw that list in the recycling bin and stop focusing on trying to do everything. Certain things can wait, but life won’t.
Next, write a new list—a summer fun list. It’s time to let go, stop being so focused on working 24/7, and go out and play. Y-E-S! It’s time for ME to have some fun!
Fun is good, but I also need to do things that nurture my mind, body, and spirit. This is where I’ll want to pull out my daily rituals and healthy habits, like meditating, walking, being mindful of the moment I’m in, and taking time for the little things. And of course there will be reading and creativity dates with myself. I’d also like to take a couple e-courses that are in tune with the path I’m on right now. Finally making time to play with my new camera would be nice, too.
My soul needs a bit of reviving after the long winter and the short spring we had. It was snowy, rainy, and gray for too long. And my mind is tired from bouncing between revising my novel and starting up my jewelry business.
I need a break. I’m so ready for an adventure. (Can you tell I’m ready for a vacation?)
Well, the sunshine and warm weather are here now to help me beat the blahs and escape the mundane for a while. I just need to let the sunshine do its work and get back to living again.
So, now begins The SumMEr of ME. Time to go write that list!


8 thoughts on “Lists……..

  1. Lovely Jamie Burch! Nothing like the summer sun and the warm breeze to help you beat The Blahs!!! Yes, throw away that “things I must do list” and make a new “things that make me happy list” instead!!! Enjoy the moment!! Take care

  2. I like Jamie’s idea of making a fun list instead of a to-do list! My daughter and I visit friends every week and her daughters as well as both of us have made a list of the fun stuff we want to do this summer – we hope to take advantage of our free moments!


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