I am soooo excited to share some tidbits with you today from Jill Lambert. I met Jill through an online class and we are now kindreds. Jill also has an auto-immune disease and understands that self care is critical. Her art mirrors her cheerful soul and she holds a special place in my heart. 

One of my beautiful friends Renee Burke of the blog Happily Ever After has declared this the “SumMEr of Me” and is encouraging us to follow along and make it a priority to practice self-care and love.

I’ve been getting better at this as the years go by.  It started when I realized having lupus, an auto-immune disease, has given me some limitations, especially physically.  Many people have a hard time understanding it because basically I look fine–illnesses that involve the immune system often don’t show obvious physical signs.  I used to worry what people thought when I took my daily naps or tried to find shade in the summer.  I now know what my body needs and wants and I NEED to care for it.  I’m really the only one who can care for myself if I really think about it.

My lupus is in much better control today and I do credit it to a few things…leaving a job that wasn’t right for me…creating art A LOT…resting which includes napping almost every day as well as going to bed early if I need to (and not feeling guilty about it anymore!)…finding joy in ordinary moments…taking walks and doing yoga…enjoying nature…sitting by a lake nearby and reading……

Enjoying our patio garden…is it just me or is the center of this rose heart-shaped?

Hidden path on the way to the cliff to get onto the beach at Lake Michigan…

Giving myself and others encouraging messages…

Visiting Lake Michigan with a best friend, her daughter and my daughter:  just talking, watching the girls play in the water and putting my bare feet in the sand…ahhhh….

making a “studio” in my sunroom to enjoy painting in while the weather is warm…

indulging in some books from Amazon…

living in the moment with Isabella, which includes me going down the slide and swinging along with her…she’s not going to be young forever…

I know I have a lot more to work on in terms of self-care…cooking at home on a regular basis is one that I need to commit too as well as sticking to yoga regularly.

I would love it if you stopped by Jill’s Blog.  Please make sure to visit with her and learn more about her heART!


6 thoughts on “Rest……

  1. I love the photos that accompany each sentiment. I have Adrenal Exhaustion and though not Lupus, or auto-immune, in ways it feels like it. It’s definitely invisible, unless you know me. I often feel people don’t believe me, or don’t understand me because they don’t know what I FEEL like. Thank you for this post…both of you ladies.

  2. What a wonderful post, Jill. You are indeed listening to yourself, and doing the important things in life. Nothing better than honoring yourself, and spending time with your beautiful daughter!

  3. This is wonderful, Jill! I admire you so much and appreciate you sharing your story of how you practice self care. The guilt is always a struggle for me. Thank you for inspiring me!

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