What have you done today to honor ‘you’? You might not know what that would  even look like. What would you like to do?

It can be simple. Sit outside in the sun for 10 minutes. File your nails. Read a chapter of a mindless book (aka not self-help/textbook/required reading). Take a bubble bath. Just be in your skin.

Take a few moments to reflect back on your day –  I would love to hear what you did to honor yourself. If you can not think of anything that you did to honor yourself, take a second and be more aware. You still have time. I invite you to think of what you can do tomorrow, too. You deserve to be honored. It all starts with you. xo


**Rachel Payne was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on the sumMEr of ME project. I would be thrilled if you dropped in and got to know her!




4 thoughts on “You……

  1. I am so busy helping everyone else out, I DO forget to honor myself. So today, per your prompt, I bought myself the I-pad cover I have been wanting for months. I use it every day and struggle with it slipping and sliding on my lap. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thanks for reminding me to also take care of me Renee!

  2. I woke up with a long list of to do’s and a raging headache. I don’t get heavy headaches often but when I do, I think of my mother who suffered with chronic debilitating migraines. My good-for-me time today was letting the to do’s sit in waiting as I loved myself into health with naps, water, and cuddly moments with my cats. Somehow know I was in the Summer of Me helped that feel even MORE permissible and important. Thanks!

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