Hopefully, this post won’t prove too negative as that is not my intent. Rather, I want to be genuine and authentic. I hope to provide a soft, safe place to land and know I can only do so by extending the same love to myself. I acknowledge that self-care and self-communication are key.  I am trying to make better choices and one of those choices includes honoring where I am.

Lately the ‘baby thing’ has weighed heavy.

After being married several years with no sign of pregnancy and having many factors at play ~ mainly health issues on my part~the Mr. and I had made the decision for him to have a vasectomy.  While I was never fully happy with this leg of our journey, I still held out hope that, with technology what it is, we two might ultimately become three.

Fast forward several years later and some of those health issues were making their presence known and resulted in a hysterectomy for me. The small reality that I might carry a child~be a mother~had been taken from me.

Now, two years post op, it seems to get harder and I am not sure how to handle all the sadness, anger, bitterness and hopelessness. I am realizing that I am infertile. And that takes my breath. I know adoption is an option but that is costly and will turn life on its ear and as I tend to romance things, this brings great fear and doubt. But, as it stands at this very moment, I am childless. And this saddens me deeply.

There are reminders everywhere~all the time. Everyone either has children or is preggers. Moments are not cherished but are taken for granted. If we opt for adoption, (insert sense of urgency as I am almost 37) there are even more worries and on top of them, I will have to do a song and dance to prove my worthiness to ‘buy’ a baby. Intellectually, I know this is not the case but emotionally I am weary. Normally I hide behind a smile and nod. If I never acknowledge how deep that ache is surely it shall pass, right? Well, I can tell you that is not really working out for me lately. So I have chosen to take a different route and am now preparing a soft, safe place to land. xo


2 thoughts on “Lately…..

  1. My dear friend, I hope you will allow me to help feather that soft place in any way I can. If you opt not to adopt, perhaps you might consider being a foster parent? Or consider adopting an older child (I understand they are harder to place?) There are so so many children out there who need a soft place, too… I can’t imagine a softer one than in your loving arms!

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