Those moments that are neither here nor there. When you are not sure if you are up or down and you are hanging onto just a shred of hope. Ideas that come and are quickly thought away. The moments of doubt that cloud around. Looking up to realize we are half through an entire year and no closer to the dreams that promised a new way. This is what reality is~it is all in the becoming.


10 thoughts on “ALL…….

  1. Remember, we are always where we are suppose to be. Even in times of uncertainty. The highs and lows in life are both essential to our soulful growth and awareness. Love you Renee. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post…great reminder of how we get caught up in life and forget to be still and take in our souls story..knowing if we are headed on the trail we hoped or being blown along the beaten trails others have blazed….unaware and unconscious…So important to be aware! Great message!

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