I am so excited! I am taking the newest e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls :  Hello Soul. Hello Business – big Puffy Heart!

Our first lesson was packed full of helpful hints and journal prompts to get us thinking about our true purpose and how we want to use our business as a vehicle for that purpose. One helpful exercise, based on nurturing and thinking of your business as a friend, inspired the little doodle above and I will now be lovingly referring to my business as “Sissy”. My grandmother called me Sissy and always nurtured my creativity. She was one of the best people you would ever hope to meet; you always felt sheltered and loved and valued when she was near. She was my heart. Everyone should be so blessed to have such a wonderful person in their lives and I carry this with me, hoping to warm everyone in my life with that same sweet spirit.

This also led me to think that we are all just family and want to be valued and loved. I hope to add that to the world in all that I do. My goal is to add a little Happily to your Ever After and honor, empower, motivate and inspire others as I embark on the journey to find my soul. xo


8 thoughts on “Sissy…….

  1. I love that Sissy is in the shape of a heart! (And what a wonderful reason for giving her that name) I look forward to watching her grow throughout the course…


    p.s. I am sooo excited about this class too!

  2. I love this, Renee. We know in our hearts that our businesses are connected to us, but work like this solidifies it and fleshes it out. So blessed to be on this journey with you! Rae

  3. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of the new class – it warms my heart, and I LOVE the name of your business ! When I was child, I had a teddybear called Sissy ;-))) and I loved her to pieces!

    • Frauke, I was a little torn about posting this as I am not sure what is proper while actually taking the class but I knew I had to have a little background for this post to make sense. Like your Sissy, the name means so much to me and I had to share her! xp

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