I am in the midst of dreaming – dreaming BIG. I am giddy and while my Type A tendencies want to come out and supervise, I am ignoring them and forging ahead into limitless hopes with supporting actions shortly to come.

Now that I have given myself permission to dream, no specifics necessary at this particular juncture, I can not seem to stop and I am loving it! There is so much goodness to be shared and I know wonderful things are about to happen.

I have dreams of  a loving, safe place where like-minded, supportive, creative people can gather and connect with each other and themselves  in order to be a force of good. I.can’t.wait – it is all just around the corner, my friends! Can’t you just feel it? The love…… xoxo



I am so excited! I am taking the newest e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls :  Hello Soul. Hello Business – big Puffy Heart!

Our first lesson was packed full of helpful hints and journal prompts to get us thinking about our true purpose and how we want to use our business as a vehicle for that purpose. One helpful exercise, based on nurturing and thinking of your business as a friend, inspired the little doodle above and I will now be lovingly referring to my business as “Sissy”. My grandmother called me Sissy and always nurtured my creativity. She was one of the best people you would ever hope to meet; you always felt sheltered and loved and valued when she was near. She was my heart. Everyone should be so blessed to have such a wonderful person in their lives and I carry this with me, hoping to warm everyone in my life with that same sweet spirit.

This also led me to think that we are all just family and want to be valued and loved. I hope to add that to the world in all that I do. My goal is to add a little Happily to your Ever After and honor, empower, motivate and inspire others as I embark on the journey to find my soul. xo


I am overcome. In the best of ways.

Andy is making his dreams come true and that makes my heart sing.

I am ALLOWing and that feels wonderful and freeing.

I have so many supportive people in my life and I am leaning into all this goodness.

I want to live as authentically and in the most genuine spirit as possible and I know this is the year for grand things.

This fills my soul: “The gifting of oneself and one’s talents is a most honest way of sharing with those around us, because it forbids pretense, and demands that we give others something real, something tangibly experienced. Far too rarely do we truly enact this kind of gift-giving—this sacrifice, even—but when we do, something holy and unexpected happens.”~Kinfolk Magazine



Many people have started adopting a One Word a year practice.  This year my online artist’s group that I now fondly call ‘My Tribe’ is helping to build the excitement even more!

I have been doing this for a few years and I like it for many reasons. One Word is easier to remember and there is no guilt if I miss a day in implementing it, whereas many make resolutions and begin counting the minutes until the first is broken. I prefer to give myself as much encouragement and positive reinforcement as possible and the One Word has worked this type of supportive magic.

In anticipation of the New Year/One Word, I had been thinking of all the options, after all,  I do love the words and there are so many! I had decided on Brave and was contemplating all this one word meant to me when I had a conversation with a wise soul and she mentioned that bravery lives inside us and we have to allow it. ALLOW………yes, that would be my word for 2012 – and why stop at one? Why not define what I want to ALLOW – have sub-words, if you will. (Words are food for my soul and, much like potato chips, I can’t always stop with just one.) Plus, I love it when my words chose me – it makes this seem more divine and possible and all-encompassing.

I made a charm bracelet so I have a tangible reminder in case I forget to open my heart and soul to ALLOW. (and I will ALLOW my Intention Charm Bracelet to be my first Etsy listing – http://www.etsy.com/listing/90073615/hand-stamped-intention-charm-bracelet?ref=ss_listing see, my word is working already!) ALLOW the process, in all its messiness and goodness. ALLOW myself to learn the lessons and relax in knowing it will all unfold as it should. ALLOW my creativity to flourish and be enough. ALLOW happiness and peace even in the low moments of doubt that can sneak up when least expected or uninvited. ALLOW the shift in focus and embrace the rituals and movements that will propel me forward to create my dreams into reality. ALLOW the bravery, organization, trust, grace, truth, strength, kindness, courage, soul, heart, intuition, belief……xo

If you’d like more inspiration and to get to know the wonderful, creative members of  My Tribe, stop by  Fly Tribe blog hop.

This Moment…..

I thought about running through the highlights of 2011 or my hopes for 2012 but wanted to remember our New Year’s Eve celebration. My memory, at best, is normally impaired and I want to remember this moment.

Andy had played with Lights Out, normally an acoustic band, and his own band, Dead River but during a break, we sang karaoke. While the name of the song escapes me, I want to always remember the sheer joy I felt in this moment. All was right in my world. My wonderful husband by my side and our home spilling over with friends and family preparing to usher in 2012 with us. I want to remember that I was on the verge of  laughter at the ridiculous-ness of this moment and how Andy was so off-key but did not let that stop him from singing his heart out. I want to remember that he could not wear his wedding ring because his hand was still healing from the Tunes for Tots show that he orchestrated and literally played so hard, he bled.

I want to keep all this close to my heart and I am sure that if I do, all the days of 2012 will be that much better. xo