Just Be…….

Self care~ honoring ourselves, our journeys~sounds so basic and possible. Then we wake up days, weeks, months even years later and realize we never began. I am hoping to break that cycle. Self care is always on my list *Hi, my name is Renee and I am a list maker* and it always seems to find a home on the newest list, is always in my mind and never comes to fruition. I find no time for the long soak in the tub (maybe that will change once the claw foot is installed -who can say ‘no’ to a claw foot, right?), nor do I frequent salons for hair care or a mani/pedi. Every moment that I am awake is used for the 8:30-5:00, creative research, a project here and there along with a dishwasher empty/load, reading a few random pages of the 6 books I am sure to have around the house in varying stages of completion with a cursory glance to make sure we have socks for the next day arriving at the time of the evening where there can be no more; the end of the day.

I think I will start with slowing down,  not just in action but in thought. *Hi, my name is Renee and I am an over-thinker*. I constantly feel like I don’t manage my time well and while in contemplation of this, I discover I am about 5 hours in and my evening is behind me. More often than not, I am irritated by this waste of time and lack of production and that the list just seems to multiply. Maybe the key is to schedule in time to think , then make sure to move on, believing it will all get handled and finding a place in the middle of this to breathe. I can’t let the chaos I see in my studio take control and detour me from my creative endeavors.  I need to perceive my reality in a manner that will be conducive to this calmness I so desperately desire.

So, in the spirit of trying to honor, I am going to allow myself to Just Be.  xo


10 thoughts on “Just Be…….

  1. Oh my Renee! I have so been trying to get myself in line again. It seems we are in the same boat -haha

    I learned in a self empowerment seminar that my stress trigger is “buzzing around” taking care of everything but me & what I need. I catch myself doing it all the time. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

    I watched the movie “The Women” this weekend (several times). There’s a moment between Mary (Meg Ryan’s character) & (Bette Midler’s character) where Bette comments about the secret to life was to “be selfish & screw everyone else”. It resonated with me & this led Mary to the quest to discover what she wants (to design her own fashion line).

    We don’t have to be everything to everyone & the funniest part is that usually nobody asks us too. We don’t have to constantly check in with ourselves on what else we have to do. Because the list never ends. Never ever ever. There’s always something else to do, something to organize or follow-up on. We just need to Stop & open our eyes & shut off our minds. Just BE! Because our lives are happening & we shouldn’t miss it, by being stuck in our heads, tallying our millions of lists, & buzzin’ all over the place.

    So I ask you . . . “What is it you want?” Forget everyone else. Think about just you. What do you want?

    Figure out the top thing (or 2 since mine includes my family) & just do that. Everything else can wait. it’ll all still be there & if it’s not, it wasn’t meant to be.

    xoxo, Shannon

    • Buzz, buzz, buzz – that is it!!! I must watch that movie again – I love anything Meg!
      You are so right – I have unrealistic expectations of myself sometimes and I am trying to determine what I want and how to get there without my life passing me by – I can not thank you enough! You are exactly right! xoxoxxo

  2. Oh my gosh–I am on over-thinker too! I really need to work on just being as well. This is a hard habit to break! I would love a miracle fix for this:)


      • I’ll admit to being in the “over thinker” boat right along with you, especially when it comes to creating art. Here it is 11:45pm and I’m sitting in my studio over thinking how to start a collage. Tapping my fingers on the table and staring at my project. somewhere along the line I will stop and have a pep talk with myself but right now I will keep tapping and staring.

      • Teresa, I’d like to think (ha) that the tapping and starring will soon give way to the most fabulous collage! I have to coach myself, too to make sure I do not think myself right out of my creativity! Hope your pep talk went well and you have a wonderful piece of art now! XOXO

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