Hold Fast…….

When I have days like today I look for silver linings while holding fast to my dreams – so much so that Mr. Hughes would be proud.

One of my constant silver linings is my Mr.

On a daily basis he makes me feel loved, appreciated, talented, valued and beautiful, both inside and out.   His unwavering support and encouragement calm me, giving me strength and courage. Without a doubt, I know I am truly cherished.

I am so very proud of him. He is making his life-long dream of being a musician come true. He had his first show on Halloween weekend and it was magnificent! He has now organized an upcoming benefit concert for our local Toys for Tots and I could not be prouder. He makes my heart smile!

On the days that it feels like we have not seen each other in years, in the midst of our flurry of activities to reach our dreams, he still finds ways to lift me up and put our marriage first.  He is a dream come true  – he is my Happily Ever After. xo


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