I am always trying to better myself and find inspiration everywhere. I am normally so busy planning and over-thinking that I tend to not start or follow through or finish projects. I then get overwhelmed and self-doubt sneaks in and before I know it, I am in that vicious cycle. You know the one…..where nothing you do/say/think is good enough…..where you will never be able to get out all that is in your mind/heart or properly convey all that you know you are/can be.

Intellectually, I know I am my own worst critic and that I need to be tender with myself and nurture myself as I would a dear friend.ย  I have to start small….baby steps. I have to set goals and actually complete them in order to move onto the next step that will ultimately led me to that place where I long to be.

Today I will be tender with myself. I will be inspired and soak it all in. I will appreciate what and who I already have in my life and sit with that. Today I will Breathe.Believe.Begin. xoxo


8 thoughts on “Breathe.Believe.Begin.

  1. Love it, Renee. Glad to see you up and posting. I have the same problem with projects, although I have a 2nd and equally harmful one. I want to be perfect, as you do, so when I run into trouble, I often can’t keep going, and layered on top of that is that I get easily bored, so if the PROCESS isn’t exciting me as much as the conception and design did, I quit. I am REALLY having to require more of myself to get projects completed! I’m glad we can support each other to that end!

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