I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and family near but I also have a tribe of artists, spanning the globe,  that I proudly call friends. They uplift and encourage and know exactly where I am coming from. It is a remarkable group of talented, beautiful souls and they warm my heart and make me believe that anything is indeed possible.

Two of these lovelies honored me with blog posts (linked below)  – I am so humbled by their enthusiasm and support !!! xox


I try to be aware and grateful each day of my life but there are certain times or events that bring into sharper reality how much I do have for which to be thankful. My life is full. I have an amazingly supportive husband and a marriage that makes my heart swell with pride; no words can ever encompass how he truly completes me. I have a family that, even in the midst of conflicts, is supportive and bands together. I have an extended family through very close friends that I adore.  I have my pup and cat that give unconditional love. I work with caring people and am pursuing creative endeavors that round out my life. But while my life is full, my heart heavy.

Last week my best, good girl lost her mother. My heart is broken for her. I can not begin to imagine the pain she has been going through or will have to endure. I know she will make it through this and it will make her an even more remarkable person (if this is even possible) but I am sure that losing her mother consumes her; it would consume me and my best, good girl and I are connected at the heart, so I have this on good authority.

I want to say to you, my best, good girl: you are brave in your sadness. While your world is topsy-turvy and nothing will ever be the same and I am sure nothing makes sense right about now and you doubt if it ever will, remember: you are the constant and you will take all the words and love your sweet mama gave you and you will make this place so much better than you already have, just by being you, my sweet. When you want to scream, cry, talk or just sit remember you have so many people who love you and want to surround you with support but you have to be gentle with yourself, as gentle and tender as you are with everyone else.

Today, more than any to date, I am thankful for the survivor in all of us.  When our road seems hopeless, there is some way through and we will be able to make our lives and the lives of others better, in some way, from everything that we experience. We just have to know this and believe this. xox

Hold Fast…….

When I have days like today I look for silver linings while holding fast to my dreams – so much so that Mr. Hughes would be proud.

One of my constant silver linings is my Mr.

On a daily basis he makes me feel loved, appreciated, talented, valued and beautiful, both inside and out.   His unwavering support and encouragement calm me, giving me strength and courage. Without a doubt, I know I am truly cherished.

I am so very proud of him. He is making his life-long dream of being a musician come true. He had his first show on Halloween weekend and it was magnificent! He has now organized an upcoming benefit concert for our local Toys for Tots and I could not be prouder. He makes my heart smile!

On the days that it feels like we have not seen each other in years, in the midst of our flurry of activities to reach our dreams, he still finds ways to lift me up and put our marriage first.  He is a dream come true  – he is my Happily Ever After. xo


I am always trying to better myself and find inspiration everywhere. I am normally so busy planning and over-thinking that I tend to not start or follow through or finish projects. I then get overwhelmed and self-doubt sneaks in and before I know it, I am in that vicious cycle. You know the one…..where nothing you do/say/think is good enough…..where you will never be able to get out all that is in your mind/heart or properly convey all that you know you are/can be.

Intellectually, I know I am my own worst critic and that I need to be tender with myself and nurture myself as I would a dear friend.  I have to start small….baby steps. I have to set goals and actually complete them in order to move onto the next step that will ultimately led me to that place where I long to be.

Today I will be tender with myself. I will be inspired and soak it all in. I will appreciate what and who I already have in my life and sit with that. Today I will Breathe.Believe.Begin. xoxo


SO, I am doing this……a blog…..after years of collecting {hoarding} blogs, I am actually fashioning one of my own…..eeeekkkk! I have to tell you, I have butterflies…….which is kinda neat as I am all about the hearts, flowers and butterflies… know, peace, love and happiness. In the midst of organizing my studio/home/life, I hope to find my first entry that I scribbled in a notebook, of which I have many, but for now, I just wanted to say hi. and welcome. xoxoxo